Goji Berry Volumizing "Tree in the Bottle" Shampoo
$32.00 CAD

Goji Berry Volumizing "Tree in the Bottle" Shampoo

For fine and limp hair.

> 96% Natural Ingredients. 

O'right's Goji Berry Volumizing Shampoo in our award winning Tree in the Bottle! With certified organic goji berry extract and foaming agents, this shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and regulates the sebaceous secretions. This antioxidant-rich shampoo reinforces the hair roots and structure. The extreme 3D Elastic Compounds help to strengthen and volumize, creating bounce and body to your hair.

PLA material of O'right Tree in the Bottle:
Certified by four major international biodegradable associations.
100% Biodegradable Materials:
The most eco friendly material, made from PLA, which extracted from waste fruits, vegetables, and plants. Bury into soil and with proper conditions, it can be decomposed into compost within a year and draw the sources back to nature. 
100% Native Tree Seeds:
First invented to have seeds embedded in a bottle. The bottle will be decomposed into CO2 & H2O as the nutrients for seeds to grow up.