About O'right

O'right is a green beauty and hair care brand focused on three simple commitments: high performance products that are healthy for people and healthy for the earth.  O'right Canada has brought these sustainable philosophies and products from Taiwan to North America to enable a greener future. 

Our Mission: #TogetherGreener

We carry Oright’s mission of incorporating sustainability to everyday life and lead a green revolution in the cosmetic industry. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do; from our products and services to the society and the environment, we offer green solutions to making people and the planet beautiful from the inside out.  

From green production, to the high-quality ingredients in all our products, our biodegradable and "re-growable" packaging, to our corporate lifestyle and social responsibility, O'right strives to create deep and profound values for our products by ensuring our passion for the earth is well-presented in creative incorporation of green ideas, without skimping on quality! Every decision we make as a green business is underpinned by our core values – Green, Sustainability and Innovation.

Every detail counts, every step matters. From renewable energies and strict standards, we ensure that every product that ends up in consumers’ hands is truly green from the inside out. We are determined to do it right— O'right. #OrightCanada