Green Packaging


O'right Tree in the Bottle Shampoo

100% Biodegradable Materials, 100% Native Tree Seeds.

O'right's Tree in the Bottle Shampoo is made from 100% biodegradable materials— the most eco-friendly material! The packaging, created from PLA material and certified by four major international biodegradable associations, is extracted from waste from fruits, vegetables, and plants. Bury the bottle into soil with proper conditions and the bottle will decompose into compost, COand H2O within a year. From there, nature will draw the sources back into the earth and sprout a tree from the seed in the bottle.


This bottle is the first invented to have seeds embedded in a bottle, and as a result of the design, O'right was the 2013 winner of the coveted Red Dot Design Award "Best of the Best".



The world's greenest paper box grows plants

Each O'right product box is embedded with handmade seed paper— just bury the paper box into soil to make the seeds sprout!

Printed by soy ink:

the water-based ink is non-toxic, non-pollutant, and eco-friendly.

FSC certified paper:

FSC, founded by 130 members from 26 countries in 1993, established the highest standard of envrionmental protection for forest management. It fairly examines the balance of forest development and ensures the sustainability of forests from the source of pulp to product distribution.

Handmade plant seed paper:

The materials for O'right's handmade plant seed paper are drawn from the dregs of water bamboo and bagasse. Made through a series of processes of handmade paper, and finished by implanting the seeds.