Green Headquarters

Green Headquarters

As the first GMP certified green cosmetics plant in Asia, the O'right Green Headquarters is recognized with Taiwan EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate and certified with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics GMP, ISO 50001 for Energy Management Systems and Taiwan Voluntary Cosmetic GMP, and with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, OHASA 18001 and Green Factory Certification under application. This green cosmetics plant features:

100% clean energy for production

The building is equipped with a solar and wind power generating system and the clean power generated is used for product manufacturing.

Process Cooling Water System (PCW)

The innovative system makes the whole manufacturing process more energy-saving, low-carbon, and eco-friendly.

Three Water Recycling Systems

The systems effectively reutilize rainwater, water from the pre-production filtration process, and post-production water.

In 2012, the O'right Green Headquarters obtained the Taiwan EEHW Green Building Gold Certificate—the highest level among same sized green buildings.

This building achieves 7 out of 9 major green building indicators: 

  1. Green Index (3 times more than the standard)
  2. Water Retention Index (10 times more than the standard)
  3. Daily Energy Conservation Index
  4. COReduction Index
  5. Indoor Environment Index
  6. Water Resource Index
  7. Sewage and Garbage Improvement Index