April is #EarthMonth!

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O'right Headquarters

O'right is the world's first carbon neutral cosmetic company. 

Forty two percent of carbon pollution emissions in North America are associated with the energy used to produce, process, transport, and dispose of the food we eat and the goods we use. 

These are some ways O'right is doing our part to ensure the planet we share is cleaner:

✅   Green Production Center
O'right uses wind and solar power to generate electricity for the manufacturing of green products to reduce energy consumption. 

✅   100% Renewable plastic bottle - Giving recycled goods a chance at a new life
O'right's 100% renewable (post-consumer recycled) plastic bottles help reduce carbon emissions by 60-80%, as compared to new plastic. For consumers, choosing consumer recycled goods is the easiest and most efficient way to reduce carbon. 

✅   World's first renewable plastic pump
O'right introduced the first renewable plastic pump made from PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials and became the first beauty brand to truly embody the circular economy.

✅   Asia's First GMP certified green cosmetics plant

Headquartered in Longtan District, Taoyuan City, is the first GMP certified cosmetics plant in Asia with numerous ISO certifications

  • EEWH Green Building Gold Certification
  • Building Carbon Footprint Diamond Certification

✅  Achieved Zero Wastewater
O'right developed 3 water management systems and calculates its water footprint to preserve water resources and improve water use efficiency. The foaming agents have also been improved to make its shampoo products easier and quicker to rinse off, thus reducing the product's water footprint. These water resources policies go beyond strict regulatory requirements to achieve the company's zero wastewater discharge goal.

✅  Electric vehicles

O'right Green Headquarter is equipped with 6 electric vehicle charging stations for company vehicles.


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