Happy #EarthDay to all!

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Change starts with action! Better yet, an action that affects the world around you. 

Start small and go big — or start big and stay big. Either way, keep coming back, keep taking action and join the movement to change the world.

Try a Simple Act of Green:

        1. Add reusable eating utensils to your everyday carry
        2. Always carry a reusable bag
        3. Make your next meal plant-based. Change your diet to fight climate change! Try participating in meatless Mondays! Check out some plant-based recipes.
        4. Support the Great Global Cleanup and pick up trash while enjoying your outdoor activities. It is a great way to save that plastic bottle cap from the landfill while you are on your morning walk!
        5. Donate to The Canopy Project to save the trees! For every $1 that is donated, one tree is planted! 
        6. Buy organic food to keep your body and the environment free of toxic pesticides. Support farmers and companies who use organic ingredients
        7. Buy local food to reduce the distance from farm to fork. Buy straight from the farm, frequent your local farmers’ market, or join a local food co-op. 
        8. Try growing your own organic garden!
        9. Use a reusable water bottle to make a big impact on your plastic consumption: 
        10. Avoid single-use plastic items, and if possible buy products in glass or paper. Glass products are easily reused and paper is a much friendlier product to the environment. 
        11. Practice sustainable fashion! Donate your old clothes and home goods instead of throwing them out. When you need something, consider buying used items. Used does not always mean unfashionable! 
        12. Integrate a simple act of green into your daily routine. Take a shorter shower and use a water-saving shower head. 
        13. Save electricity and turn off lights when you leave the room. 

Here's how O'right is doing our part to ensure the planet we share is cleaner:

As a part of O'right's Cradle to Cradle initiative, we've developed a 100% renewable shampoo bottle made with 100% Post Consumer Plastic and fruit and vegetable waste. Caps are made from bamboo. The shampoo is derived from spent coffee grinds.

Each of O’right’s Moso Bamboo Caps are handcrafted through a careful 10 step process. Combining local color and the flexible property of bamboo, with exquisite patterns and its soft feel, each cap is unique from one another!
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