O'right Wins at 2017 Sustainable Beauty Awards

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It’s Another World No.1!
O’right Rises Above Hundreds of Beauty Brands At the 2017 Sustainable Beauty Awards in Paris

     O’right wows the world once again with its green power, standing out from hundreds of world-renowned beauty brands by bringing home the Sustainable Packaging and Sustainability Leadership Awards at the 2017 Sustainable Beauty Awards ceremony held on November 6th at the Paris Marriott Champs-Elysées. In the highly-anticipated Sustainable Leadership Award, O’right and Aveda were honored as leaders in green cosmetics in front of an auditorium filled with brand leaders from all over the world. O’right was nominated in the Sustainability Pioneer, Sustainability Leadership and Sustainable Packaging categories along with L’Oreal, Neal’s Yard Remedies and AAK, among many others. This is a proud achievement for the beauty industry in Taiwan as O’right is the first Taiwanese brand to receive recognition in these categories for this prestigious beauty award.

     The Sustainable Beauty Awards, hosted alongside the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, aims to give recognition to operators that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry across five categories: Sustainability Pioneer, Sustainability Leadership, Sustainable Ingredient, Green Formulations, and Sustainable Packaging. The majority of past winners have been European brands, marking this as the first Sustainable Beauty Leadership Award for Taiwan and another outstanding achievement for O’right, who has for many years impressed countries worldwide with its core values of green, sustainability, and innovation.

     Launched in 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is a high-level forum that aims to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stakeholders at international locations to debate major issues. This year, the summit brought together decision makers from leading organizations, including L’ERBOLARIO, LUSH, L’Oreal, H&M and Joomo.

     As the world works to achieve sustainable development goals today, it is important for the beauty industry to find a balance between economy, environment and society. O’right strives to take action to care about human mankind and the environment by developing green innovative projects, building a green factory, using green ingredients and packaging, adopting a green logistics system and promoting green actions. The eco-conscious company is committed to using their own power to impact others and the world.

     O’right’s green actions don’t stop here. They also keep their promise to reduce carbon, by developing the Recoffee Tree in a Bottle Shampoo formulated with coffee oil with a bottle made from spent coffee grounds and biodegradable materials. What’s more, the coffee seeds embedded at the bottom of the bottle can grow into a tree when planted in soil to fulfill the biological nutrient requirements for a circular economy. As for green packaging, the company also introduced the 100% renewable plastic shampoo bottle packaging in 2016 which helps reduce up to 75% of carbon emissions. O’right demonstrates a true commitment to the Cradle to Cradle design concept from the start to finish, proving that they don’t only make products that are sustainable, but also inspire people. Their efforts in manufacturing, logistics, green building, and corporate social responsibility engagement lead them to reach a million-digit milestone in carbon reduction in 2017. O’right is a living example of how small steps can indeed lead to big changes, in sustainability, innovation and the world.

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About O’right:

With our brand philosophy Natural, Pure, and Eco-Friendly, O’right is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly hair care products in Taiwan, becoming the first hair care brand to emphasize green raw materials, green manufacturing, green packaging, green waste, green power, green factory, green marketing, and green service, and adopt a green supply chain management.



★ National Sustainable Development Award by the Executive Yuan

★ Taiwan Excellence Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs

★ Taiwan Green Classics Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs

★ Green Building Honorary Award by the Ministry of the Interior

★ ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award by the Environmental Protection Administration

★ Taoyuan Business Excellence Award – Innovative Enterprise Award and Golden Award

★ Taoyuan Green Excellence Award

★ The world’s greenest shampoo

★ Taiwan’s first cosmetics plant with a Green Factory Label

★ Taiwan’s first cosmetics plant Diamond-level Building Carbon Footprint Certification

★ Taiwan’s first cosmetics plant with BSI PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality

★ Taiwan’s first carbon neutral certified shampoo

★ Taiwan Voluntary Cosmetic GMP

★ EEWH Gold-level Green Building

★ Carbon Trust PAS 2050 Product Carbon Footprint 

★ First Product Water Footprint

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