O'right Wins the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017

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O'right Sustainable Communication Design Recognized by the Prestigious Red Dot Award

As a leading global green brand, O’right has brought home countless awards worldwide for its eco-friendly and creative designs. This year, O'right has been honored by the “Oscar of Design,” Red Dot Award, marking O’right’s fourth win since 2013 and the first recognition for outstanding achievements in communication design. O’right’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR Report) won over the international jury for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017, putting the green Taiwanese brand on the global stage once again.

In 2014, O’right began publishing a CSR Report in hopes that more people would see how our green enterprise fulfills their corporate responsibility displaying how we have kept our promise to consumers. O’right aims to have a green impact on more people by incorporating green concepts and practices. This year, the box containing the award-winning CSR Report is made from 100% renewable plastic shampoo bottles, serving as a preview to the company’s goal to switch all shampoo and body wash bottles to 100% renewable plastic material by the end of 2017. In 2012, O’right introduced Moso bamboo caps to achieve sustainability while infusing local Taiwanese elements. With its natural color and shine, unique, fine veins, and exquisite texture, Moso bamboo caps create new green value to bamboo materials and art. To continue with this innovative design, the front and back covers are made from Moso bamboo, the world’s fastest-growing plant. Its rapid regeneration and ability to produce new shoots even after being cut can contribute to carbon reduction. The CSR Report is a fusion of O’right product designs and cultural elements of Taiwan.

O’right’s CSR Report features illustrations of animals that reflect the problems oceans, forests, and land are currently facing and how environmental damage in turn affects animals. The illustrations exaggerate the consequences and impacts of climate change such as melting glaciers, marine trash, deforestation and piles of plastic waste. The portrayal of the changing environment and helpless animals gives readers a better understanding of O’right’s CSR practices and commitment to taking small steps that lead to big changes.


Award: Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017

Project: O’right Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015

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